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Conan Exiles EU-Server

Current Server Settings:

Server type = Relaxed

PVP = Disabled

PVPBlitz = Disabled

Avatar = Enabled

Battleeye = Enabled

Harvest Amount Multiplier x2

Maximum Nudity

Clan Max Size = 8

IP address:

For steam:


Welcome to -Kaffi-!


We are looking for players for our newly created server. Central european loaction, good ping.

Active admins. Newbie friendly and mature community offering a relaxed and laidback experience. The server is online 24/7


We are looking for a more active player base. On release we will expand the server and want the server to be known and populated for a better experience on the day of release. The maximum numbers of players on the server will be increased when the activity goes up on the server.


Hope to see you there!











Latest patch notes: http://steamcommunity.com/app/440900/discussions/0/142261352660363713/